About our Reference Tools

Our reference section is currently more of a statement of intent, with some exciting demonstrations, than a full fledge resource. Yet, we are bold enough to believe it can already be of value to the community.

Egyptological discussions are of necessity laid over a chronological framework. As eloquently pointed out by Redford in his Encyclopaedia of Ancient Egypt (2001), "in selecting an absolute chronology, the editors entered a world of uncertainty and acrimonious debate. . . The late John Wilson, introducing a lecture on the Armana age, once declared, 'I have before me all the current chronologies suggested for this period, and I don't believe any of them'".

The Chronology section presents our exclusive interactive timescale—a must-see.

The Glossary is progressively filled with the general articles written to complement descriptions of collection items.

The FAQ will not be implemented until the collection is completely described.

The Map section is currently limited to a set of political maps of Egypt.

The Lists section currently provides king lists that can be ordered by name, time, dynasty, or length of reign, plus a convenient index to alternate spellings.